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Fall is here and we’re loving the subtle change of the light and the crispness in the morning air that October brings. It puts us in the mood to take some long leisurely walks in the woods and start bundling up to keep warm. It also means it’s time to survey our Fall jewelry!

Although opal has traditionally been the birthstone for October, tourmaline has been the alternative birthstone for October for many years, making October one of the few “2-stone” birthstone months. Here in Maine, we have a long and storied history with this beautiful gemstone and we are celebrating it this October!

The American Gem Society tells us that the name ‘tourmaline’ comes from the Sinhalese words tura mali, which mean “stone of mixed colors”, and our own Maine tourmaline certainly lives up to this description. Maine was the first location in the USA where tourmaline was discovered in 1822. Native Americans have used pink and green tourmaline as funeral gifts for centuries, making this a very “national” gemstone.

We feature one of the largest collections of Maine tourmaline jewelry in the state. When hand-selecting our Maine tourmaline, we first look for intensity in color and then attempt to pick the cleanest, most brilliant stones with the best cuts.

We have a large inventory of Maine tourmaline rings, earrings, pendants, and bracelets in 14k gold as well as sterling silver. Our Maine tourmaline jewelry comes in a rainbow of colors that includes soft pink to a vibrant rubellite or raspberry pink, light mint green to a deep green, deep indicolite blue to a blue-green and the beautiful bi to tri-color watermelon tourmaline. 

Maine Tourmaline is suited for everyday wear, but perhaps with a little caution. It’s not as durable as a diamond for example, so you may not want to choose it for an engagement ring. But you can certainly wear Tourmaline earrings or necklaces every day. Just be careful of those extreme temps and excess water!

Maine tourmaline comes in a wonderful variety of colors making jewelry possibilities endless! We hope you can stop by and see our extensive collection of Maine tourmaline jewelry and see why we are so proud to call tourmaline “Maine’s State Stone”.

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