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We love March! Usually, it’s not an especially busy month in the jewelry industry, as the Valentine’s Day rush is over and Monther’s Day is still a little ways away (it’s May 12 this year if you want to add it to your calendar), but this little lull gives us two opportunities that work to our customers’ advantage:

Firstly, we have some super special deals on right now because we’re discounting our in-store stock to make room for the awesome new buys we recently made at our Spring buying show in Palm Springs, CA. We went and saw the latest fashions, styles, and spring catalogs and have some incredible pieces coming in on a daily basis. So if you’re looking for a super-special deal this month, this is a great time to stop by!

Secondly, if you were looking for something custom for summer or perhaps for Mom in May, we have lots of time to get it done for you. While March doesn’t have a lot of events, it does give us ample time to put on our creative design hats and make something extra special for you or your loved one. Custom is a great way to show your love with something unique and personal, and we’re experts in making jewelry dreams come true!

Since it’s March, we would be remiss not to make some mention of our March babies. The traditional March birthstone is the captivating aquamarine, a gemstone celebrated for its stunning range of blue hues. Aquamarine, deriving its name from the Latin words ‘aqua marina’, meaning ‘seawater’, encapsulates the calming and soothing qualities of the ocean, making it a highly sought-after gem for those born in March or anyone who has a love affair with the sea. Its colors can vary from the lightest blue to deeper shades, mirroring the vastness and depth of the sea. This gemstone has been cherished throughout history, not just for its beauty, but also for its symbolic representation of serenity, clarity, and harmony and, in addition to its protective qualities, it is also thought to enhance the happiness of marriages, making it a popular choice for wedding and engagement rings. 

Even though March may be a little quieter than preceding months in the jewelry industry, it presents the opportune time to grab some amazing deals on in-stock jewelry and look into custom design jewelry. We have a never ending supply of gorgeous new pieces coming into the store from our recent buying show, so come and be one of the first to check them out! We hope to see you in the store soon! 

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