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First of all, welcome to our new website and to our blog! Not only can you find all the information you need about our store and products here, but we’ll also be sharing articles on just about everything “jewelry”, so be sure to check us out regularly. Interested in things like new arrivals, trends, offers, events and all-sorts of jewelry-specific info? Look no further – we have you covered! We’ll be adding a new article at the beginning of every month with great info and ideas for you and yours.

So, let’s begin! Many of you will know our store well already but you may not know that at the end of July, we went to our vendor show in Philly and WE WENT SHOPPING! It’s a large buying event where the industry comes together and we learn about new fashion trends and new products and services. We picked up some amazing finds and we’re so excited to show you what’s in store for the summer season. 

This event usually happens every 6 months and we focus in particular on purchasing loose diamonds. We already have a great inventory of ready-to-wear jewelry, but diamonds are the centerpiece of so many of our creations, we need to stock up regularly. 

We use diamonds every day. Whether it’s creating amazing custom designs, repairing broken jewelry, replacing a lost stone or, most excitingly, choosing the perfect stone as the centerpiece for an amazing engagement ring, we always need a great range on hand. You’ll be amazed by the variety of stones that we brought back to the store with us on this trip. Drop by to learn more! 

One of the other things we’ll be doing in our monthly blog is showcasing the traditional monthly birthstones so as to give you ideas for gifts for loved ones whose birthday falls within that particular month. So, let’s get going! 

Perfect Peridot

For August, the traditional birthstone is peridot! This olive-green beauty is a showstopper and never fails to draw “wows”. Nobody is completely sure of the name’s origins, but it may be from middle-English peridod, peritot, pelidad, or the Latin “paederot”. Did you know that peridot is one of the very few gemstones that occurs in nature in a single color? Yes, that olive-green hue is a dead giveaway that the wearer may just be an August baby. 

With its intense color, this gemstone looks stunning as a pendant and earring set, incredible when mixed with diamonds for an eternity or right-hand ring, and can be worn on any occasion, casual or dressy. Treat that special August baby in your life to something special this year with a peridot surprise. We have some gorgeous peridot pieces in store that will suit any style and budget, so be sure to drop by!

OK, we know you don’t have all day! Welcome to our new monthly article – you’ll be able to access back issues in the menu – which we hope you will enjoy. Our recent shopping spree has resulted in our store being fully stocked with the most incredible diamonds and other unique pieces, so come and visit us soon. We’re here to serve you!

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